Friday, June 28, 2013

Introductions are everything,right?
Maybe not,but to know someone,introductions are necessary.You can't just walk up to a stranger and say "let's hang out", and expect them to say yes, unless they're really drunk or you're just evil.
I certainly don't want anyone to get a wrong impression of me(note the word is WRONG, not BAD), and therefore, the introduction.

I am a student of journalism, and uncannily,after getting to into the course,I realize that I'm completely uninterested in this field.Oh,well.

I would describe myself to be a casual writer,because I take my time and well,I'm descriptive.
Plus another explanation is that I'm kind of lazy,I admit.
As far as interests go,I'm open to everything:I love fashion, I read memoirs and thrillers,I listen to good music,again good being subjective.
I watch MMA,and occasionally,football and anything on TV.
When I see two fighters:(I am not sadistic,mind you,I've always dreamt of being a kick-boxer)

I read,write and draw,all on an average , and after breaks,I don't know why.
I'm intrigued by people,places,culture and black and white photography(I have no idea why they are so powerful!)
See what I mean?

I live to eat, but that's an understatement.
I am a Kpop fan amongst other things like listening to hip-hop,metal,acoustic rock and well,any genre,really.

What I would blog about is undecided,but I know it won't just be on one set issue.
It could be as random as "Why I love Kpop" or as specific as a set of fashion reviews.
I'm too all over the place.
Please don't hesitate to comment,be it good or bad,I don't hold grudges or get agitated easily,I would love to hear from you all.

Ps. Spongebob is my favorite character,ever.Followed by Yagami Light.
Credits:Tumblr,to the owners of the GIFs used!

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