Monday, July 1, 2013

Confession pages:Are they justified?

For my first official post, I had a lot of Ideas, whether I should do a post on Kpop,or serial killers, fashion or another "Me" post.
I was typing out this post, and I had facebook open, when a notification popped up.
"XYZ has invited you to like an ABC Confession page."
After sitcoms like Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, I guess confession pages are the new "thing".
Personally I find them revolting.Sure, I understand that it's a "forum for venting whatever the hell anyone wants to vent."
But it isn't justified to post nasty , dirty and obscene things about people just because one cannot say it to their face.
For example;  say I don't like a girl in my class-She's rude and in short,the spawn of Satan, wearing revealing clothes that I when I see I want to gauge my eyes out.
I don't go and post something on a confession page just because she's being herself.If she's happy doing so, why I should I be concerned?If I really cared,I would probably talk to her on the phone, or send a freaking text, or even better,keep my opinion to myself.
Posting on the confession page,is not only a tad bit cowardly, it's mean, and doesn't solve anything.

After this rant, for those who are still interested, here's a short poem, I wrote:


All sounds are but noises,
All sights are but ghor.
All smells are pungent,
and taste, what taste?
In this world, where lighting a cigar gets you worshipped,
Stripping in front of cameras makes one "holy"
and books, and emotions are only left to those who are "weak".
Cameras are endlessly, tirelessly used for self snaps,
to announce to the world that an act is done,

Confessions are posted, and endless attempts to be accepted, continue to be tested by many.
Are they a cry for attention?Attempts to be noticed?
A liaison for “speaking out”?A medium for the oppressed?
The coin flips,”You’re a coward” are the comments,
In this “free” world, opinions are meant to be expressed,
But as a confession on a Facebook page?
You say you’re trying to be a “better person”
That confessions are a way to tell people their flaws,
So you all delude yourself, says the victims.
But think again.
What happens if it’s all a conspiracy?
What if you’re all unmasked?
Not so nice,huh?

Next time you see yourself or a friend trying to post a confession, think to yourself
"Isn't this just adding fuel to the fire?"

Hope you all liked it,Annyeong till the next post!
Comments and criticism is much appreciated.

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