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It's been a while, and for all those who think that this person is just another random college student who was bored, and didn't bother to continuously write, I am just that.
Moving on, my last post was about Confession Pages and this one is too, and I wrote this for an assignment, It's l01 on Confession Pages and a few funny confessions.


#2.The confessions are not for mockery, please do take this post with a light heart.

Confessions, Confessions everywhere

Get on a social-networking website, or better yet, just Facebook and type the name of any educational institution, followed by the word “confession” and it is guaranteed that a page will open up, with a generic hash tag followed by what this generation of college and school students call “venting” out and “solving” problems.
Confession pages grew in numbers after Indian teenagers and college-goers were exposed to the concept of anonymous gossip posts, much like what is seen on TV teen dramas today (such as Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars), and they’re only growing in number.
What is even funnier is the fact that confession pages by area and by landmarks have been started, like the ‘Elliot’s Beach Confession’ page and there is, in fact, an ‘All India Confessions and Complaints’ page. And just when you thought people cannot get any more jobless, there is even a TamBrahm and Iyer/Iyengar Confession page.
The 101 of Confession pages is simple: Anonymity is sacrosanct. There is usually a Google document where one types out basic details, along with his/her confession and the confessions are reposted under the name of the page itself. So, neither the page admin nor the readers ever find out the identity of the ‘confessor,’ but when it is uploaded, speculation runs through everyone’s veins. Anybody can start a confession page. From what administrators say, these pages provide them hours of entertainment and it is not even that much work.
While scrolling down a dozen (maybe more) confession pages, we present to youthe quirkiest, yet hilariously entertaining world of confessions (Yes, we like to spread joy and laughter):
Disclaimer: We own none of the confessions, and so the style, spelling and grammar have not been tampered with.
Confession 1:
 After reading so much of confessions i too decided to confess something.. Here is my confession. How i murdered him. I don't know what made me to murder him. He tortured me a lot, he irritated me alot. But watever it was, i was bearing all the pains and letting it go. But that day i couldn't resist myself. I was very angry on him, he was not allowing me to do my personal work. I tried a lot to ignore him but couldn't ignore. I tried to make him stay away from me but all in vain. . That night was really a horrible night, i still remember it exactly. I told him lot of times to go away from me but he wasn't listening. For him, i was the only one person on earth to irritate and torture. I couldn't control myself and killed him. Still there are blood stains on my hand. I tried a lot to overcome but i still have a feeling of regret. RIP that poor MOSQUITO.
 Admin1: Hope I RIP.
Confession 2:
I once chatted(in tagged) wit australian gal who said she is a witch.
 I asked her to do me a trick.She said u should come to me for that.So i told "ha ha thats a safe reply...u see my profile?Do something with it "

finally i ended up getting my name changed as 'i do belive in witches' and i was not able to change it ever after
Admin B : witches are naturally nosy.
We found confessions that even enlightened us about things we never knew!
Confession 3:
#50 Why Silk Clothes are preferred for doing Pooja ??
 Silk clothes have the capacity to attract and store electro magnetic energy. With the friction between the body and the silk clothes, electric energy is produced, which gives rise to electro static attraction.
This energy, according to shastras, would act on the mind of the devotee. It is also said that the vibrations, which are generated while worshipping, are also stored by wearing the silk clothes.

Confession 4:

#49 Toran (festoon) - the science behind it :

Decorating the main door of the houses, temples or any other place, where some ritual is performed, with a Toran (Toranam, festoon or a string of mango leaves) is part of the Indian culture. Normally, this kind of decoration is done during festivals or celebrations.
Indians use a Toran (festoon) made of fresh and green mango leaves. However, leaves of other species like Neem are also used for this purpose. Most of us know that the green leaves absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This helps in keeping the surrounding atmosphere clean and hygienic.  In addition, insects get attracted to the green leaves. This stops the insects from entering the room.

Then, there were typical teenager posts about unrequited love, about their miserable lives, break-ups and affairs, how one is dying for the attention of an extremely attractive member of the opposite sex. What is funny about the next confession is that the relationship started off as a confession on a page. Now this is the one deep, dark pit that society should never head into.
Read on, and readers, having popcorn is not advised. It might just be spit out.

 Just when we thought we could not get enough, we see what 14-year-old school children do at a confession page:
Confession 5:
I’m 14 year old boy and sincerely in love with my sister’s friend ..avaluku 11 years agarthu…ava semmaya irrupa pakarthuku..semma cute!! Enga aathuku daily varuva..both that girl and my sister play hide and seek enga aathu keezha!! Sogam part is, antha ponnu enna Anna Anna nu koopduvaal :’(…ennaku adhu kekambothu laam manasu odanju pogum L I love her truly and madly :’( .. Admins and mamis..neenga rendum perum thaaan enga rendum perayum sethu vekkanum L …enga love success aairthu na definitely you’ll be the first people to get our marriage invitation!! Please help pannungo ..ongluku puniyama pogum…!! 

This confession drew the ire of commenters who took the opportunity to “tell off” the young teen for ‘falling in love’ at his age, before calling curses down on his language.

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